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Pet Birds

If your thinking about getting a bird, please just remember that birds are a commitment that need love, care and attention and lots of it! Just about every pet bird that is available to purchase is a flocking bird, naturally, they are best happy with other birds. In larger parrots such as macaws, in the wild breeding pairs are bond for life. However, when one of them die, the other gets very depressed. The stress on the grieving bird gets so bad that they begin to slowly perish. They pluck their feathers out, stop eating - their life is turned upside down. Unfortunately, the same thing happens to pet birds with their owner. If the owner stops the interaction or no longer wants the bird, the bird has lost its mate then starts to suffer. That's why its so important to think about getting a bird - because some of them have the potential to be with you for your entire life.


While nearly all pet bird owners have their feathered friend's best interests in mind, the fact is that many pet birds have diets that are nutritionally inadequate. Findings in recent years have spelled out exactly how important this can be; a bad diet can possibly take decades off of the life of pet birds.

Kids and Birds

If you are a parent of a little one who's been asking for a pet bird, then you've probably already realized that choosing a compatible species will not only make your child's experience as a bird owner more pleasant, but will help ensure the pet's health and happiness. Three species of pet birds that are good with kids are Finches and Canaries, Budgies or Parakeets and Cockatiels.


If possible, buy the biggest cage you can afford and fit in your house. The bigger the better! Birds love space to move around and flutter, so give them room. Make sure the bars are not to wide apart so that they can't slip through. Make sure they cage has very large doors. Birds don't feel secure going in and out of small doors, thus making training time more difficult for you and the bird.

Bird Care

Choosing a Bird

Bird Training

Types of Birds

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